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Our products rival the best brands on the market and are internationally recognized. RAETIN PILATES products are available on five continents and are recommended by professionals worldwide for their excellent value for money. We love what we do and it shows in every one of our products.


The wooden strap elevated reformer with adjustable springs and multiple anchor points allows users to perform different exercises based on their needs.


High-quality wood tower-free structure is easy to assemble and move, suitable for places such as home and gym.

Pilates Reformer Wooden

Experience the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with our Pilates Reformer Wooden. Crafted from high-quality wood, this equipment offers durability, comfort, and a touch of luxury to elevate your Pilates workouts. Elevate your fitness routine with the beauty of natural wood.

Oak Core Bed Main Image-05


Multiple adjustable parts, such as support bars, springs and headrests, to meet the needs and requirements of different users.


Adjustable Springs And Multiple Anchor Points Allows Users To Perform Different Exercises Based On Their Needs.

Children's core bed


Pilates Reformer is a universal equipment and both pilates sport studios and medical clinics use this equipment.

Oak Reformer Main Picture-05-2


Folding reformer is equipped with an easy folding mechanism. Therefore, every user can collapse it in a minute.

Pilates Reformer Aluminum

Elevate your Pilates practice with our Aluminum Pilates Reformer. Designed for durability and precision, this sleek and lightweight equipment ensures a smooth and effective workout experience. Embrace the future of Pilates equipment with our aluminum Reformer.

aluminum Reformer.


A tower plant is a combination of two machines, which includes reformer and tower functions. It includes infinitely adjustable settings for a variety of exercises.

Aluminum alloy main picture-05


The new aluminum cot is perfect for studios and home gyms. Exceptional versatility to accommodate a variety of heights, shapes and abilities.

Aluminum alloy small white bed reformer main picture-05


You can add variety to your workouts by adding a tower feature to your reformer equipment. There are different plans available for people with different physical performance.

aluminum Reformer.


Expanded gear options allow for precise adjustment of spring stiffness as needed. The tower crane has infinite adjustments for belts, push rods and rollers. Therefore, it enhances the functionality of body reformers and tower machines.


Foldable aluminum reformer

Folding reformer equipment is designed for use in small studios or homes. This is a great option for studios with smaller spaces.

Black Pilates Reformer Aluminum 5-1


We offer tower machines with the widest sliding platform and longest sliding distance. Therefore, it provides greater comfort and range of motion. Innovative enhanced pulley system allows precise control of pulley angle.

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The most well-known Pilates apparatus. Incredibly adaptable and durable, accommodates a range of body heights, sizes and abilities. Superior European construction for maximum safety and durability. It offers good stability and is very resistant.

At Home Reformers

Make your home-studio dreams come true with our entry-level Reformers that don’t sacrifice quality or performance.

$ 499.00 / Pieces
  • Key features:
  • 22 in (56 cm) carriage width
  • Traditional Rope System
  • Traditional Spring Package
  • Traditional Gearbar (Non-upgradable)
  • 10 or 16.25 in (25.4 or 41.3 cm) height

Professional Reformers

Elevate your studio space with highly customizable Professional Reformers to appeal to the widest range of exercisers.

$ 699.00 / Pieces
  • Key features:
  • 22 or 24 in (56 or 64 cm) carriage width
  • Retractable Rope System
  • High Precision Spring Package
  • Upgradable with Vertical Frame and High-Precision Gearbar
  • 9 or 16 in (23 or 40.6 cm) height

Rehab Reformers

Bring the benefits of therapeutic Reformer Pilates to your clinic with a higher carriage platform for improved accessibility.

$ 599.00 / Pieces
  • Key features:
  • 24 in (64 cm) carriage width
  • Retractable Rope System
  • High Precision Spring Package
  • Upgradable with Vertical Frame and High-Precision Gearbar
  • 22.5 in (57.2 cm) height

What We Do


We have an excellent technical team and sales team, which can provide customized services according to customer requirements.

Pilates Reformer Design Drawing

Our team will work with you from the outset to fully understand your needs and expectations. They may also recommend useful design ideas and suggest manufacturing options. We accept all orders regardless of size with a minimum quantity of 50 pieces.

Creating Your Own

Get Pre-Made Design
Sourcing from our standard stock of 3000+ design is the quickest and most cost-effective route to the market. You'll find a good choice on our product pages - many designs are unique to RAETIN. If you can't see what you want, just ask.

From Standard Stock

Free Design Support​
If you plan to order a large inventory, it may be worth investing in a unique product design. We manage the 4-part process on your behalf, advising on relevant design options and ensuring the technical feasibility of the project.


With our modern manufacturing services, we reduce your costs and speed up the arrival of your Pilates equipment.

From The Very Beginning

RAETIN is the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment and is recognized in the industry as a source of authentic equipment. Founded by Andy in China in 2005, our company began as a custom tool shop producing industrial design prototypes, producing custom designs for many of the world’s greatest designers, continuing this high-end manufacturing and tradition. Through the collaboration with Romana, the dimensions and proportions that are essential to the correct function of the Pilates equipment have been preserved.  
Our commitment to Pilates guides our actions. We’ve provided the best equipment for two generations of teachers and studio owners, and we’re proud to serve the Pilates community. RAETIN Pilates equipment is used in studios around the world, and teachers and students know the RAETIN difference and consider our equipment an integral part of their practice. 

High quality materials and manufacturing are used in our factory to ensure the superior quality and performance of our Pilates Reformer products.

The following is our production process:

Learn How We Make High Quality Pilates Equipment



1. Material selection

We use high-quality raw materials such as steel, wood and leather to ensure the durability and stability of the product.



Our factory has advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, and adopts precise processing and assembly processes to ensure the quality and consistency of each product.


3. Testing and quality inspection

During the production process, we conduct multiple tests and quality inspections to ensure that the products meet industry standards and customer requirements.


4. Packaging and delivery:

After the product is manufactured, we use professional packaging materials and methods to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation. We offer a variety of shipping methods to suit our customers’ needs and requirements.

Our pilates reformer products have been widely recognized and praised by customers. If you have any questions or needs about our production process or products, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


Supplying Pilates equipment to 126 Countries and Counting Building Bridges with 1000+ Satisfied Customers Worldwide

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Join our network of satisfied clients and experience the reliability and quality of Ruiting Pilates’s products. We value your partnership and are committed to your success. Let us help you take your Pilates practice to the next level with our exceptional equipment and unparalleled service.

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Every device is born with integrity with our partners. We protect our partners.

Partner with Gratz Industries

In 2013

Partner with Smith Fitness Solutions

In 2014

Work with Maxwell Yoga Studio

In 2015

Partner with Johnson Wellness Center

In 2016

Why Choose Us


Ensuring Protection and Integrity from Production to Delivery


1.Our Pilates equipment is carefully packaged in sturdy boxes or crates to protect against any potential damage during transportation. 2.we offer customized packaging options, including logo printing and smaller bag sizes, to meet the specific needs of our customers.


We offer multiple shipping methods, including sea, air, and rail shipping, Our team will work with you to determine the best shipping method for your specific needs.


15 days after receiving the deposit.




Get your doubts resolved quickly!

Our Reformer Wood Options Are Oak, Maple, Beech, Black Walnut; Steel Options Are 304, 304L, 201; Leather Options Are Regular Colors: Red, White, Black, Purple, Blue; Piano Wire Spring Options Are German Import, Korean Import, China, If You Have Other Needs, We Can Also Customize The Price.

All Models Of Reformers Are Popular, But Not Every Market Is The Same. For Example, Some Vietnamese Customers Prefer Oak Wooden Reformers, So If You Are Planning To Buy, It Is Better To Consult Our Experienced Consultants.

The Lifespan Of a Reformer Can Vary Based On a Variety Of Factors, And Generally Speaking If a Reformer Is Used And Cared For Properly It Can Last Several Years Or More. Note That The Lifespan Of a Reformer Depends Not Only On The Product Itself, But Also On How It Is Used And Maintained By The User.

The Warranty Period Of Our Product Accessories Is Generally Within One Year. If The Product Accessories Are Damaged Within One Year (Except For Man-Made Damage), We Can Replace New Accessories For You Free Of Charge, But You Need To Bear The Freight.

We Can Provide You 1 Piece Sample For Testing, But The Shipping Cost Will Be Expensive For Such Products.

Since We Have An Independent Design Team (25+ People), We Accept Various Forms Of Customization, You Only Need To Give Us An Idea, Or Even Just a Word, And We Can Use Our Raw Materials To Manufacture Your Ideal Reformer.

Depends On Whether You Want To Customize Your Reformer, Also Depends On The Speed Of Customs Clearance And Logistics, But We Can Guarantee To Ship Regular Reformers In Less Than 20 Business Days, We Have Customers In The Us Who Ship In Less Than 3 Weeks Received The Goods Within Time.

If The Reformer You Provide Is Too Complicated For Your Needs (Such As Choosing Ultra-Light Wood In Wood), We May Not Be Able To Manufacture It, But Believe That Raetin Has 12 Years Of Industry Experience, And We Have Far More Resources Than Others, We Can Help You Find The Appropriate Manufacturer.

Of Course You Can, But It's Better To Wait Until The Epidemic Subsides. Now Support To Use Zoom For Online Factory Inspection.

Health And Environmental Protection Are The Cultural Mainstream Of The World Now, So Wholesale Reformers Are a Good Idea. Most Of Our Clients Import Reformers Are Selling Well And Their Clients Love Our Reformer Training.

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