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Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Options Do Your Reformers Have?

Our Reformer Wood Options Are Oak, Maple, Beech, Black Walnut; Steel Options Are 304, 304L, 201; Leather Options Are Regular Colors: Red, White, Black, Purple, Blue; Piano Wire Spring Options Are German Import, Korean Import, China, If You Have Other Needs, We Can Also Customize The Price.

How Long Is Your Product Warranty?

The Warranty Period Of Our Product Accessories Is Generally Within One Year. If The Product Accessories Are Damaged Within One Year (Except For Man-Made Damage), We Can Replace New Accessories For You Free Of Charge, But You Need To Bear The Freight.

What Is The Payment Method?

You Can Use Western Union Which Has a Lower Fee, Or Paypal If You Can Accept a Slightly Higher Fee, But Please Note That For New Customers, We Only Accept 30% T/T Of The Payment, Or If You Have Been With Us For Many Years We Have Been Facing Cash Flow Pressure Since Then, And We Do Offer Oa Credit.

Can I Come To China For Factory Inspection?

Of Course You Can, But It’s Better To Wait Until The Epidemic Subsides. Now Support To Use Zoom For Online Factory Inspection.

Which Of Your Products Sell Better?

All Models Of Reformers Are Popular, But Not Every Market Is The Same. For Example, Some Vietnamese Customers Prefer Oak Wooden Reformers, So If You Are Planning To Buy, It Is Better To Consult Our Experienced Consultants.

Is The Product Moq 5pcs?

We Can Provide You 1 Piece Sample For Testing, But The Shipping Cost Will Be Expensive For Such Products.

How Long Does It Usually Take For Me To Receive The Goods?

Depends On Whether You Want To Customize Your Reformer, Also Depends On The Speed Of Customs Clearance And Logistics, But We Can Guarantee To Ship Regular Reformers In Less Than 20 Business Days, We Have Customers In The Us Who Ship In Less Than 3 Weeks Received The Goods Within Time.

What Are The Benefits Of Wholesale Reformers From China?

In Short, China’s Industrial Chain Is Much Better. India, Vietnam, And Malaysia May Have Reformer Wholesalers, But Taerin Can Guarantee That Our Prices Can Match Them, And Our Services Far Exceed Your Expectations.

What Is The Service Life Of Your Product?

The Lifespan Of a Reformer Can Vary Based On a Variety Of Factors, And Generally Speaking If a Reformer Is Used And Cared For Properly It Can Last Several Years Or More. Note That The Lifespan Of a Reformer Depends Not Only On The Product Itself, But Also On How It Is Used And Maintained By The User.

What Is The Most Important Feature Of The Product?

Since We Have An Independent Design Team (25+ People), We Accept Various Forms Of Customization, You Only Need To Give Us An Idea, Or Even Just a Word, And We Can Use Our Raw Materials To Manufacture Your Ideal Reformer.

What If You Can't Provide What I Want?

If The Reformer You Provide Is Too Complicated For Your Needs (Such As Choosing Ultra-Light Wood In Wood), We May Not Be Able To Manufacture It, But Believe That Raetin Has 12 Years Of Industry Experience, And We Have Far More Resources Than Others, We Can Help You Find The Appropriate Manufacturer.

Will Chinese Consumers Buy It?

Health And Environmental Protection Are The Cultural Mainstream Of The World Now, So Wholesale Reformers Are a Good Idea. Most Of Our Clients Import Reformers Are Selling Well And Their Clients Love Our Reformer Training.

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Still Can't Find an Answer?

Try contacting our Chat Team located on the bottom right corner of our website or call our office directly for assistance. We look forward to helping you choose the best option for your needs.



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